In defense/praise/what needs to be worked on to improve on-line ticket system for next year....

September 01, 2010 by AaronKatz2000

7th B-day Bash over 9 years (saw almost every show my 6 previous years), so hardly a "new" person and I totally disagree with comments that we need to go back to the old "sleep in the street" system. On-line ticket sales were what I prayed for every nite in line over those long nites (I'm a successful professional that just happens to be a lifelong hardcore rock n' roll/Sammy fan, why am I sleeping on the street like a dog? I always thought, "Sammy take my money please, I'll pay $100 a ticket! Just get me off this dirty street!"). Granted, the system wasn't set up well this year but with some streamlining could work perfectly. People that loved the street experience were only in Cabo for Sammy I guess. I'm also in Cabo for CABO and being wiped out 4-6 days of my vacation from waiting out all nite the nite before was NEVER any fun and prevented me from enjoying the beauty of Cabo during the days many days as I was trying to catch up on lost rest from the nite before, in addition to trying not to drag at the actual show because I was wiped out physically). I will meet everyone and get to know them INSIDE the Cabo Wabo, forget the line outside. Also, yes the system didn't work perfectly this year, but if someone was smart enough to set up a "PayPal" account before the ticket sales (even recommended by Sammy to make things real easy the day of the sale) and had a moderate amount of familiarity with computers and how on-line ticket sales often work, there was not really a problem getting tickets. I got tix for all 4 shows and if you didn't, you probably fit into the category of what I listed above (I was always kicked out by the system several times (improvements are in order for next year to streamline the system and make sure it's not overloaded again) but got right back in quckly and took care of it with relative ease). Tired of the bitching on here from those who didn't get tickets or the pity party with those seeking tickets. It's called preparation folks. I, and all those going with me, did it and got tix and deserve to go to as many shows as we chose to buy tickets for. And if you didn't prepare oh well. It was posted on-line months before that the process would be different this year so anyone saying they're a "huge fan" that didn't know about the change in procedure and thought they were going to just go down and wait in line per usual, couldn't have been that huge of a fan as they must not have checked the site in months. And for those that say they planned a trip around the B-Day Bash and now don't have tickets because they didn't know about the sale? How could one plan that big of a trip and not make sure they were up on ALL the details??? Got that off my chest. Ok, let's party, see everyone in Cabo!!!

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agreed. now, take me with you♥ LOL!!

hell I'm not even going and I told people like a month ago to quit griping and bringing this place down!! Sammy would not approve.

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Well Said!!!! see you down there.

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I couldn't agree more! I had always hoped that the tickets would become available in advance on line. I spent many nights during my younger years waiting in line for concert tickets. It sucked then and I am sure it sucks more now.
I have been wanting to go to Sammy's birthday bash for years but wasn't going to spend the night on the street to do it.
This year I got tickets to the 9th and the 13th just like I wanted, then I booked the trip! So now I am going!
My wife and I will be at the Cabo Villas, can't wait to party with some fellow Redheads!
My only complaint is, You and a guest get in free if the show falls on your birthday, well my wifes birthday is 10/10, but there is no show that day, oh well!
Sammy how could you not play on 10/10/10, it only happens once in a lifetime??
See ya in Cabo!

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I also got tickets for all 4 shows. Still I was nervous every hour trying to get them. Bring back the line so I am guaranteed to get in without question. I understand sleepin on the sidewalk sucks but we are there for the shows. If you need to enjoy what else Cabo has to offer go any other week of the year. Finally enough with this safety on line issue. Been going for 13 years, never felt unsafe, never talked to ANYONE who felt unsafe. This all started online by people who have never been.
See Ya in Cabo!

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I agree I am looking forward to actually seeing things in Cabo I did not always have time for in the past. I do still feel sorry for the ones that got completely shut down on tix. See you on the 8th!!!!!9th!!!!!!!11th!!!!!!!!!!and 13th!!!!!!!!!!!

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I also agree with your comments. Lets move forward and quit whining. I am looking forward to no waiting in line all night and enjoying Cabo.It was only due time till someone was hit by a car around the corner from Cabo.

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Couldn't agree with you more!