Dear Mr. Sammy Hagar,

July 18, 2012 by aaprilla

Dear Mr. Sammy Hagar,
Hello Sammy, I hope you and your family are enjoying your Summer. My Summer has been really rough.....Life Changes So Fast. It hurts to watch your parents get so ill, and go through so much pain. I went for a walk to clear my head....I wondered why everything has to change, because nothing in this world stays the same. As I was walking I was listening to....... "Your Love is Driving Me Crazy". Sammy, I smiled....I haven't done that for awhile. It took me quickly back to The Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. I was in the 3rd row, middle, with tons of t-shirts wrapped around me (haha...I had to always buy them all), and you pointed right at me. I will never forget that moment. For that was the one moment in time.....That I knew...Sammy Hagar Saw Me. Funny Huh? Nah, I'm a huge fan of yours...always have been and always will be. After the song finished playing I realized.....You are always there, Your Music...Your Voice. Every time in this mixed up crazy world.....That voice of yours can turn my frown completely around in a matter of seconds. Your Voice......Is Your Gift to This World Sammy. There is NO OTHER ARTIST that can reach me with their lyrics like you can. You inspire me, motivate me, drive me, and make me never give up. You keep saving Me......Sammy. That One Voice........ is the one thing that takes me back through great great times. Thank You, Mr. Sammy Hagar :) Also, thank you to your family for letting you spend hours writing lyrics, singing, and putting on shows that last a lifetime. They too.....Have Saved Me....Each and Every One of Your Family Members. You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!
April Mechler

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