Dear Mr. Sammy Hagar,

July 09, 2012 by aaprilla

Dear Mr. Hagar..... I have always wanted to thank you in person, but I have never been lucky enough to formally meet you.... To Say...... Thank You. You know when life gets tough... You reach out to someone, but you haven't a clue who. Here is how You keep saving Me Mr. Hagar..... I was sitting alone in a hospital waiting room. I was struck with the news of.... "Your Dad has Cancer". If that wasn't enough... My Mom laid in another hospital room. I felt overwhelmed... Numb. I just sat there.... I didn't know how to feel anymore. I looked around the waiting room, and thought what now? I sat alone for a long time wondering about Life. Then.... There was this voice that came on the hospital radio..... The voice I've known my whole life....... The voice of a Man that has ENLIGHTENED ME BEYOND WORDS.... It was You... 'I Can't Drive 55'. I smiled for the first time in a long time. I could just see you on stage.
I just sat there.... You took me to a place... No other Artist Can. It's A Place Like No Other. I cant explain this place, but it is WonderfuI, and for the first time in a long time... I felt OK.... Again. Thank You :)

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