Dear Mr. Hagar

July 06, 2012 by aaprilla

Dear Mr. Sammy Hagar, My name is April, and I have been a fan of yours since I was a little girl. Your voice and music has pulled me through some of the toughest times in my life, and still does. Your voice takes me to a place where eagles do fly, and brings me right back home. Your voice has been there through the best times of my life, and continues too. You turned my breakups to.... I'll fall in love agains. My life to dreams and do things right nows. My writing to...... And, words flow just like the air that I breathe. You turned my wardrobe to RED. HaHa I couldn't possibly list all the concerts I have witnessed, but I keep coming. I'm that girl with tons of T-Shirts wrapped around her, standing on a chair, and just taking it all in ( I was so busy making memories). And, the funniest thing is... You don't know me, but YOU KEEP SAVING ME. Thank You For Being There, For Entertaining, and For That Beautiful Voice. :)

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