Seeing Double...

Seeing Double...
The one on left is Eddie's and the right is mine.
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We are friends with the guy who brought the orig. van hauler and we drove to do a photo shoot with the two trucks. We talk back and worth...hopefully we would take another trip and do it again that our clone stripe is redone. I (tracy) walked around and around the truck and got lots of different shots of it as you can see on our facebook page. (barrett-jackson 2010) and where we were here with the new owner and us...I did get a full length shot of the two trucks it just didnt work out on here. I know what I am doing when it comes to taking photos...I have worked at a photo lab for 6 yrs.


~Tracy~ p.s. just look at all the photos...on facebook...we are one there more than here.

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no freakin kiddin huh, the one on the left was actually ELVH'S truck at one time before him and val split WOW. just how did an arkansas usa dude out of all other fans in 52 usa states get so LUCKY to have gotten his hands on that "rare" classic RED VH truck huh? they are both beautiful looking rigs big time man. looking at those to van haulers with that nice summer shady background is like hearing that double vision tune from the band foreigner with mick jones singing. truly a nice setting for those vh trucks! the only thing i discredit you for brian is that you did not get full length of each truck in the photo. if you did, that photo would have been nice enough to go the extra mile and get it blown up into a 16x20 and framed landscape style for the wall. just superb looking trucks indeed. IMPRESSIVE DUDE!