Red Rocker

Red Rocker
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Hey Chris...This is a Photo That I (Tracy) took from the internet...It's not Sammy's page...So why are you asking me like I was Sammy? Thanks!!


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yooh RED rocker you lucky motherfucker. i know you have a nice fleet of cars from what i have seen, but the black 1969 camaro super sport with you posing in front holding that cabo wabo YAMAHA house axe is almost priceless. nice fucking car dude, and i also seen your RED/black 1969 fastback mustang. it is quite an eye catcher, and i am sure its fast. i RED your book sam, and you've come a long way from the justice brothers and montrose days huh montery dude. look at you now in 2012 after vh, you own three bars, with that original one of a kind trademark name called cabo wabo (or is it)? listen sammy this leo the lion cat from edmonton alberta named chris bumstead respects you, and digs your tunes, but dude there is a machine shop in atlanta usa called cabo wabo, but without the word cantina to follow. look it up sometime, and see for yourself sammy!. so therefore the question at stake remains this.... "did you come up with the name cabo wabo first with trademark copy rights or are you the second owner in the world of the name cabo wabo? just curious RED ROCKER?