On our way to Barrett-Jackson. Jan. 2010 selling of the Van Hauler

On our way to Barrett-Jackson. Jan. 2010 selling of the Van Hauler
Short stop in Groom, TX...In our Van Hauler.
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Well we went thru two thunder storms in Texas. It was in the middle of Jan. 2010...and we were on our way to Scottsdale, AZ for our very first trip west and to a Barrett-Jackson Car Auction. It was a very long trip and we made it back home safe and sound...then later that year went took another trip to Cali to see Duane and friends. It was an Awesome trip. To see people in Az and CA to look and see if they could see Eddie in the truck...wow what a feeling. :)

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hey brian just a few comments on your van hauler. i figure the setting for your vh truck photo is very nice way down there in groom texas usa. the background looks like a popular place, but its gloomy. although nobody on this planet can control the temperature, its too bad the sun was not shining on the dude ace RED paint. ed's paint scheme would stand out better too. bright RED looks dam good when the sun is shining on a vehicle. take for example my RED on black 79 american version 403 automatic firebird formula on my blog where you uploaded your truck and wolfgang pics. if you mouse click on the screen of my firebird you can actually receive a full blown screen. when you've done that notice the near new RED paint and the stream line ghost flames on the passenger side lead panel. as the dude ace auto body technician you are brian, you obviously agree that's how nice RED paint looks when the sun shines on a shit hot car or truck like yours and my car dude. i hope other RED rocker van halen fans surfing the RR.com website will bump into my blog and see your ace looking vh chevy truck along with the other version van hauler give away pics i uploaded. its dam worthy of it man without a doubt. that is one cool looking motherfucking RED truck brian and tracy harp of arkansas usa.