Mike & Eddie

Mike & Eddie
Back in the Day
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This photo was taken something in the late 70's. I found this photo while looking for photos of the give away truck...so I saved it to our photos to post here...


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hey tracy and brian now that's an old picture of ed and mike huh! WOW back in the day alright. to bad its in black and white though. i think that must be around 1981 or later days. i have similar color photos in my stack of vh magazine collection with eds red and white custom bib overalls and that green aviation parachute outfit mike used to where. i heard that alison or lisa david lee roth's sisters used to be seamstresses for dave and the mighty vh band. ah yes remember eds dude ace leather patches all over his blown out at the knee jeans and his yellow and black tiger print blazer and pants (real cool)! one thing that caught my eye in this pic is eds original baby, the frankenstein strat body guitar with that 1971 american quarter and george washington facing up screwed into the body near the top of the floyd rose bridge. also that particular bass that biff malibu is holding is actually an old wooden school desk that mike cut out and transformed into one of his early bass guitars. possibly made of pine or spruce like most other old elementary school desks, but i'm not sure. as you may know it was used around women and children first, and fair warning touring. that's the only vh album and the meanest most aggressive album outside of BALANCE mike used a pic while thumping his bass. the burn scars from what i can remember reading are either from a soldering iron or from doing hot knife blades at wild vh parties. again like you said back in the day! nice pic keep up loading any and all pics, and i will get some more pics burned onto another disc for you to see and comment on as well. please keep in touch i like giving comments on your uploads. thanks arkansas usa couple.