1996 got my first wolfgang & gear.

1996 got my first wolfgang & gear.
I'm one of the bigest fans of Van Halen
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Went to the one in 1996 or 1997...havent been close by us to take off and see...~Tracy~

p.s. We went to Memphis, TN is the truck above...still wondering if they saw the truck...lol

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wow that was nice of you Chris...thanks!!

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hey 5152 nice gear no doubt about it. i never got to see a rear profile of the giveaway van hauler or the cloned van hauler above pictured with the wet and dry 5150 gear before. so thanks for sharing that profile and these pics with me and the RR.com surfers. not to mention that truly nicely designed and sounding wolfgang above. eds son must be very overwhelmed and real proud of his dad for that guitar and his success. i can for see the wolfgang going down in history for decades and latter decades to come until kingdom come. i thought i was one of the biggest van halen fans in my neck of the woods up here in edmonton alberta, but obviously not. nice to meet you brian and tracy harp of arkansas usa. i now see you are indeed a huge and expensive van halen fan. if you have anything else you want to attach to my blog please do so. i would be pleased to see more pics and read more stories.

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nice ive seen van halen in 1978 and have not missed a tour yet,how about you?