We are down to Single digits on the ticker!!!! Sweet!!!!!!!!

September 29, 2010 by 5150Mike

4 more work days left for us, Oh yeah!!

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Ok sorry Brad, didn't mean to bum you out and I also feel like I'm already there. I am basically useless at work anyway so I might as well just go pack my suitcase and get on with it.

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I know that's how it was for my Cali trip....counted down for 2 months and bam, felt like 5 minutes and I was back home. Good thing I didn't find out about my M&G until 4 days before, that would have made things even harder!!

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I have 5 more work days but 8 days to go...looking forward to seeing all of my old Redhead friends and meeting / making some new ones.

Can you feel it....Cabo is just around the corner!!

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Come on Mike ... we havnt even left and your talking about it being over??? Enjoy the next 4 work days ... this is all part of it. You have tickets to all 4 shows !!! Thats 4 kick ass shows in one week!!! I have 6 more days of work left ... but i`m so excited its like i`m already gone.

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You know Stef when I get back we can start our Tahoe Ticker together. The only thing I know for sure that is gonna suck about this trip is that it will be over in a blink of an eye and in a couple weeks I'll be thinking "man what happened?" It took forever to get here and now it is gone.

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man I remember when I had something to count down to....

let's see...how many days until Cinco de Tahoe?

...carry the 4...

um, about 217? Man that's depressing.