That Metal Show

October 26, 2010 by 5150Mike
That Metal Show
Michael Anthony getting ready to jet ski in Cabo 10-10-10

I was just wondering if anyone caught That Metal Show on this past Saturday with Michael Anthony? In the "this week's throwdown" they were asking which Van Halen album was better "1984 or "5150" I love both of these albums but if you take away hot for teacher and jump there is still some great music but in my eyes it doesn't hold a candle to 5150. Any way the other guests were Kip Winger and Carrie Keagan. The only two people that picked 5150 were Kip Winger and Eddie Trunk. (Michael picked both). When Carrie Keagan was asked the question her answer was "1984 Dave is way better than Sammy all around" or something to that affect. What an Idiot! I wanted to throw something at the T.V. if you missed it hopefully it will replay soon or maybe it is on the vh1 website.

Anyway I was just looking on the VHND website to see if there was any news about the band or about Mike's interview and so many of the comments on that site are so negative so i just wanted to say thanks to all my redhead friends for keeping the attitude and the vibe so positive around here!!

P.S. Mikey you are where you belong. VH needs you more than you need them.

Peace!! Sorry for my long rant.

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302_Boss_Chick's picture

Damn I have no idea, you got me there!! LOL!!

Okay REALLY? NOW the effin' Captcha word is upside down? WTFFFFF???

5150Mike's picture

I don't know why aren't you 5150_Hagar_Chick? Ha!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Then why don't you call yourself "VH1Mike"? LOL!! Sorry you know I gotta be a brat. :-p

5150Mike's picture

Agreed Mink, that would be a mucher tougher conversation I love both VH1 and 5150 the same.

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I didn't get to see the airing of That Metal Show. I knew Mike was going to be a guest, but I don't get VH1 Classic. I hope to see it sometime. Sounds like it was a decent show. In my opinion I think the real comparison should be VH1 vs. 5150, because 5150 is a better album than 1984. Not to take anything away from 1984 or any of the Classic Van Halen line up albums, because I think they're all good. I just think that 5150 is a stronger collection of songs. Of course this is just my opinion:)

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Don't get me wrong, Trunk knows his shit, but he's got the appeal of a wet paper towel. I guess that's why Jim & Don are there!!

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Glad to hear you liked Eddie's comments. I tend to agree with him on 99% of the topics on the show. One of the episodes that we went to the throwdown topic was "which debut album had more of an impact on music? Van Halen 1 or Black Sabbath's first album" Eddie Trunk went on a long rant about how important VH's first album was but he lost the argument to Jim and Don probably because Bill Ward was the guest.

And yes the Rock & Roll hall of Fame part was awesome too. I think Sammy should be in the Hall of Fame as a solo artist and not just with Van Halen.

Sorry I have not been on the site much (still recovering from Cabo)LOL! I did post a bunch of pictures on here last week though.

302_Boss_Chick's picture

BLAAAAHHHHH DO NOT get me started on that little wench Keegan!! I almost went through the TV at that vapid big boob bimbo. She always annoyed me before but now I want blood...grrrr. Was she even ALIVE in 1984? At least I used to rollerskate to "Jump".

Eddie Trunk sometimes gets on my nerves, but I was impressed with him on this show. I really like that he backed 5150 as the better album. I also really liked when he made a point of saying to Mikey that he AND Sammy are both genuine, down to earth , funny guys with no rock star ego. I knew WE all know that, but very refreshing to hear someone who has some clout in the rock music communtiy say so. Oh, and he ALSO went on a mini-tirade about the Rock & Roll HOF. He said that they didn't deserve to have Mikey's JD bass, even if it was just on loan. He was fired UP about that!! Yay Trunk!!

Hey Mike, nice to see you back in blog land, missed ya buddy!!