Me and Eddie Trunk from that metal show 10-1-10

October 02, 2010 by 5150Mike
Me and Eddie Trunk from that metal show 10-1-10
5150Mike with Eddie Trunk

I had the great pleasure of going to the taping of two "That Metal Show" recordings last night in Glendale, California. My son, his girlfriend (this was for her birthday) and myself went and we had the pleasure of meeting all of the guys. Sorry the picture is pretty crappy (cell phone) forgot my camera. The guests were Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)incredible interview talking about the old times with Ozzy and Ronnie James Dio (RIP Dio). The other guest in the first show was Glenn Danzig he was awesome too. The second taping had Phil Collen (Def Leppard) and Frankie Benali (Quiet Riot). We may get some air time on one or both of these shows and I was representing with my "Got Tequila" Shirt on. The shows should air on 10/23 and 10/30. My sons girlfriend (Bridgette) got to go in front of the crowd and ask Bill Ward a question so she should for sure get on TV. Set your Tivo's on VH1 Classic.


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Hey, I forgot to mention that they said Michael Anthony was going to be a guest on one of the tapings either on Monday or Tuesday this week so keep an eye out for that sometime in one of their November shows.

Peace! Mike! 24 hours and 35 minutes before my plane leaves....

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WOW, that's awesome : ) I met him at the Rainbow room in Hollywood after the DIO memorial. Very sad day. I felt a little weird going up to him because he just finished doing the whole funeral. But I just had to. He was cool.. I guess I should put my picture up here too


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awesome!! I love this show, was just re-watching the one from last season I think it was where Joe Satriani was on.

Yay Mike!! You rock star you...

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eddie is a cool cat. i met him when i went to his 25th anniversary party for being a heavy metal dj. at the hard rock in times square, nyc. judas priest played in front of 600 people. lots of rockers there, queensryche, black sabbath, dream theater, ace frehley, mike piazza. i would post pics but my publicist, donnie tajoe is not around. love his show on xm on monday nights on boneyard and glad that metal show is goin to one hour. face down in two days... peace love and hairgrease, adios, brando....