I'm so Ready for Tahoe!

May 02, 2011 by 5150Mike

Hey Redheads, I have not been on this site in awhile, been hangin with the FB crowd. Just can't wait to get back to Tahoe. We will be staying at Harvey's we are driving up this year and plan on having dinner at the Cantina Thursday night hope to see some of you there.

Peace!! 5150Mike

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Cool, last year Mikey was only there on Saturday. Looks like he will be there both nights?!?!

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Looks like Mikey's gonna be in Tahoe this weekend : O )
Can't wait too. Will be there by 12 noon Thurs. - Sunday. See you at the Cantina Thurs. Nite. REDHEADS RULE!!

This is from his website.


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Cool maybe I'll see you there, I'm on stage Satuday night (first time for me on stage) can't wait.

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Yes! We are also so ready for Tahoe! SAMMY!!! SAMMY!!! Never too early to start the chant! :) Thank you Sammy for loving Tahoe as much as we Redhead Funatics do! Seeing both shows as always! Hey, I'm wearing Mona's t-shirt "Pink Voodoo" Awesome! Yeah Wabos! Is Michael Anthony there? We hope so! Rock the Nation! Rock On!