10-8-10 Official Setlist

October 15, 2010 by 5150Mike
10-8-10 Official Setlist
The Better Half Friday night in Cabo

Friday night's official setlist;

Good Enough
5150(stopped a little short cuz Vic didn't know the solo)
Top of the world
Best of Both Worlds
Finish What ya started
Right Now
Sexy Little Thing
Why Can't this be love
Runnin With the Devil
Heavy Metal
Whole lotta Love or Whole lotta Zep which ever you prefer

Special guest Vinnie Paul

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Hope you start adding "three Lock Box " stuff to your sets!

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By the way Sammy, Mike, Vic and David thank you for playing "5150" I heard the boys playing it for sound check when we were at the bar having lunch but I was still surprised when they actually played it. Hopefully that one will stay in the rotation for a while.