Me and my RedHead sista Jeanette♥

Me and my RedHead sista Jeanette♥
LOVE you girl...ready to do it again!!!
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Awww, doggone two are gonna make me cry! Mikey!!! What up my 5150'n Red Brother? Miss you and Carla LOTS! Drop me a note if you wanna. Or call even. Our number hasn't changed. ;-D Hey! Wanna start a petition? LMAO!!! JUST KIDDING! ☺

And Stef, thank YOU for making this a totally awesome experience for ME TOO!!!! (I can't say it enough ya know!)

Love you guys! ♥


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it really was Mike, thanks. I know I wouldn't have had half as much fun if it weren't for Jeanette and lots of other RedHeads out there.

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302_Boss_Chick Jeanette is a RedHead sista to many ...
we have a long history of friendship w/ her and hubby
Bill, she's such a great person....
I'm glad to see / hear your Redheaded experience was
a very memorable one

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I'm holding my stupid bag in front of my shirt but if you look through it right under my collar you can see where Sammy signed it for me, I didn't even ask!! He just sort of grabbed my shoulder and sigend away!! And you can see Sammy and Kari's name on Jeanette's shirt. Talk about some fabulous people, still blows my mind.