You know what I like....?

November 05, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
You know what I like....?

I like things that make me smile. ☺ I just got done watching the boys here play "Down the Drain" off of "Get Your Buzz On Live!" once again, and I forgot how much fun it is to watch these 4 guys jam together. It never ceases to amaze me how when people get together to do something that they not only love, but at which they are extremely talented, they just project that energy on to anyone who is watching. It doesn't matter if you were actually there, or watching it on a DVD some time later, it's infectious just the same. I was sitting there watching this and once again that magic happened...caught myself smiling like a fool watching these four interact. Then I thought to myself wow, everything else about my trip back in September aside, I was quite fortunate to get to see these guys perform when I did, as were all the folks who went to Tahoe on 9/11/10. What an honor to have been an audience member at any show these guys have ever put on. Sorry, I don't mean to go on so, but it's rare to just NEVER get tired of a group who only has ONE album!!! (so far anyway!!) I really envy them in the sense that they are getting to do exactly what they love to do ALL the time, and that they share it so well with the world. I just have such an appreciation these days for musicians who stay true to their art. I know I've said that about Sammy more than once in the past, but to find a group of guys who gel like Chickenfoot, and all still have that passion with no need for rock start egos, it's just so refreshing. I really hope that Chickenfoot doesn't get stale for anyone. It's hard waiting for new material after so much awesomeness, but I for one am very happy to wear out those same 12 tracks over and over again.

Alright peeps, have a super weekend, TOTALLY jealous of anyone giong to CWLV next week, damn you. Okay, just had to come get my blog on, have a great night!!



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302_Boss_Chick's picture

Yeah motly thank goodness for MP3 they don't wear out. Just gotta keep charging my battery. I also just bought the vinly version of the album to add to my wall of album covers!!! Hope the next one comes out on vinyl too that would be sweet.

motlyfan's picture

You are oh so correct!!!!!!

Without a doubt the best band in the world right now!!!

So much talent, energy and fun to watch!!! I have been through 4 cd's played them so much they just wear out!!

Tahoe on 9-11-2010 was an awesome show!!! Saw them there a year earlier and then again in Berkely, three foot shows in a year!!

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you put into words my thoughts and feelings for sammy, the wabos and chickenfoot to the T.....true, very, very infectious! How could they improve....they can't, they are the BEST already! Love each and every one of them!!!