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August 27, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick

Everyone always talks about how listening to Sammy's music has helped them through tough times in life, which I always totally could believe, but never had to find out for myself. I usually like to be sort of the class clown around here (or anywhere really!!), but I unfortunately had to find out how Sammy could help me through a tough time. Last night we had to put down our beloved dog Rowdy. He was 16 and had been in failing physical condition for some time. Long story short, I was a flippin' basket case last night. Went to work today, figured sitting at home crying myself sick was no good. I didn't even want to listen to any music really (that's how you KNOW I'm feeling bad). But I said you know, if rockin' out to some Sammy, VH, Chickenfoot or whatever makes me happy on a good day, what harm can it do? Definitely helped. I am not exactly my old sunny self, but for sure feeling better than I was most of the day. Might be a few days until I feel like belting anything out to the cheap seats, but I'll get there. And thanks JA♥ for the latest tune in my collection, definitely a happy one. Plus, today marks only 2 weeks left until the Chickenfoot show in Indio!! Man I gotta start planning...

Sorry to be Debbie Downer going into a weekend, I just wanted to share, as always. Thanks to everyone too who is a FB friend of mine and took the time to leave me a nice message♥

Peace, ♥ and R&R to all!!


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OH I`ve been an animal lover all my life and I have had my own pet sitting business for 4 years now. It has been SO wonderful making a living doing something I love, even though I have to keep a second job to make ends meet.
On Sept. 2nd tragedy struck my business for the first time. I was caring for one of my very first client`s dogs at my house. I loved these dogs like my own. Long story short, one of them passed away in my care. (Not my fault but STILL!) I had to make that HORRIBLE phone call to her owners.
I am still not over it, but am getting better. I too haven`t been in the mood for music. Not even Sammy.
I`ve been struggling with whether or not I can continue the business. Having to make that phone call was so tramatic.
My first reaction was NEVER AGAIN! I sobbed & sobbed!
But animals are my passion along with music. So I am going to carry on with the business thanks to the support of my other clients.
I ask WHY?
My husband says to put it in perspective. At least I didn`t find HIM dead in the yard!!
Have U heard the poem "The Rainbow Bridge? If not, google it. It may help.

I feel you pain!

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Sorry for your loss ,I know how painfull losing a pet can be .

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I am so sorry for your loss. Our dogs are not pets they are family members as I am sure your Rowdy was to you. Hang in there and stay strong. I can't imagine what you are going thru...16 yrs wow. He lived a long life.
God Bless!

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My thoughts exactly Mike, thanks. Thanks to everyone, RedHeads are the best ever!!

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I am terribly sorry about your dog, I had three dogs and just had to put one of mine down about a month ago. He was our kids first dog so that was tough, hang in there. The thing about Sammy's music is that it seems he has a song that can be related to just about any situation; happy, sad, angry, revenge, love, you name it there is some song of his that helps relate or put those emotions into words.

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Sorry to hear about your loss. Hang in there.

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i'm sorry to read this , losing a pet is very hard . hope u feel yourself soon .