August 05, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick

Came home from work to find my "Get Your Buzz on Live" and "Long Road to Cabo" DVDs on the front porch!!

Rock & roll weekend at Stef's house, and you're all invited!!!

By the way...who is this jackass I see blogging about pre-recorded music and having "the balls" (as they put it) to come on there and bad mouth Sammy? Didn't anyone tell them that's a hangin' offense 'round these parts? Sheesh!!

Peace love and R&R!! (unless you're a Sammy hater then you can go piss up a rope.)


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Hey SUQ - do me a favor and NEVER come to my page again. Free speech is nice and all, but this place is for Sammy FANS, not bashers. I don't go to David Lee Roth's web page (if he even has one) and say how much I think he sucks. Don't read my blogs, don't comment on them, just go away, no one cares.

Sorry to all the REAL Red Heads here who had to see that, wish there was a way I could delete that crap.

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wow, just got done with "Long Road to Cabo". Wow. Oh I already said that....

Unreal. SO much fun, heartwarming...I was whooping and hollering like a moron in my living room when he raced that El Camino in his Mustang, that is like my freaking ultimate fantasy right there.

LOVED it...in case you couldn't tell.

Time to go watch the bonus disc wheeeeeee!!!!


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oh my goodness I was LMAO during the documentary, Chad Smith is the best. They're all flippin' hilarious, they need to make a reality show just of those four hanging out. And the concert portion has me even more cranked up for the real thing (if that's possible!!).

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Watchin' Get Your Buzz On AGAIN tonight...this DVD never gets old!! The extras are hilarious!!! Enjoy!!!
Nothing can match up to The Long Road To Cabo...YET!! Watched that one last week for the umpteenth time LOL...

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Love those CD's, too. Enjoy!

I could say more than jackass about the freak trashing Sammy, but have to watch language.

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Didn't pay for a karaoke singer. I paid for a live band and not one that plays recorded music and talks to the crowd while the music plays. What a waste of time and money that was.

Driving to the fair I heard "Running With The Devil." Too bad this show was awful.