Simply Di-vinyl!!

October 30, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Simply Di-vinyl!!

Hell yes, I not only picked up 13 mini Blue Bottles today (some of the last to be had in this whole state!!), I also went to a super awesome place called Jerry's Records. Jerry's deals in NOTHING but vinyl, he doesn't even take credit cards!! I scored the 10 discs you see above plus one for a friend, and they are in SUCH good shape!! I didn't originally buy them to listen to, I want to display the covers here in my Sammy room, but I have not yet heard some of the live records. Guess it's time to blow the dust off of the ol' turntable and see if it still works!! These all cost $5 or less, and all have very nice dust covers on them. The album covers are almost like brand new, no writing on them, no damage at all. I was STOKED!! I love stuff like this. Once I give them a listen I'll let ya know how they sound.

Peace and a Happy and Safe Halloween to all!!


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You should have seen me trying to re-learn how to use a turntable. I'm sitting there going "Wait, do the tracks go from the outside in or inside out? Hey, they're not in the same order on the record as they are on the sleeve!! Wait, which is the 'A' side again??" LOL!! I grew up in a house with tons of vinyl but it's been a LONG time!!

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Sweet, I love the Rematch album. And I love vinyl as well I only have standing Hampton, Nine on a ten scale and a couple of VH in my Sammy collection but I have a ton of old vinyl classic stuff. Great score Stef!

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So far they're great, "All Night Long" was awesome, listening to "Sammy Hagar - Live 1980" now. They have their typical 30 year old record issues, but all in all not too bad!! Just a few skips, I got busted singing "Plain Jane", kept going ...♪♫ takes a special kind of....takes a special kind of...♪♫. I sang that about 3 times before I went and moved the needle LOL!!

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Good score! I hear vinyl is making a comeback anyway. I really like both of those live albums. All night long is especially good IMO. Have fun listening.