Sammy's bike

July 23, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick

I always wondered if Sammy rode a motorcycle (safe assumption for a speed addict such as himself) and what kind. much as I like gazing at pics of him on a daily basis, I saw him on a poster standing next to his custom Suzuki M109R which I have always thought to be one of the ugliest bikes made in recent years.

But ONLY because it's you Sammy...I can let it slide.☺

I still wouldn't buy one though, just sayin'.

Happy Friday RedHeads, hope everyone going to the show tonite has a great time!!

Peace, ♥ & rock n' roll!!


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302_Boss_Chick's picture

Yeah I think I saw a pic of that one too (but send me what you got), much more my style, and of course super cool that Sammy auctioned it (what an angel he is!!)

I am just so used to seeing him with my fave Mustangs and all his cool muscle cars I was like what the heck did you pick that god-awful looking bike for out of ALL the choices out there, including complete custom choppers!!!

cabowaborat's picture

dont know if u remeber but sammy auctioned off a red rocker chopper for first candle charity (sids) back in 06. Ill post a picture of it later for you. Took it on tour with the wabos and displayed it at a couple venues. This bike was nothing like the suzuki. More like a harley. It was built for sammy, but being the type of person he is, he auctioned it for charity.