Inspi(Red) - my birthday gift to Sammy♥

October 12, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Inspi(Red) - my birthday gift to Sammy♥

Every time I add to my ever growing collection of Sammy's music, I like to post a little something when I am really impressed by my latest acquisition. I figured, what better time to do so than on the eve of 10/13. For anyone who is growing tired of my blogs or record reviews around here, feel free to move on, this one may be a tad lengthy. I'm sure this blog will fast get buried under all of the Cabo hoopla and that's cool, but I write these blogs for myself, and my close RedHead pals who I know appreciate what I put forth here for everyone.

Even if I could afford it, I really don't know what I'd get Sammy for his birthday. What could I possibly get him that he doesn't already have? So I figured, what better gift than another healthy dose of my heartfelt gratitude. Let me just say to anyone who is not familiar with my writings around here, I am not looking for anything. I don't get paid for this, I don't want fame, I write what I feel, it's sincere, and it's truthful. I am not trying to gush, just sharing.

I just finished listening to "Sammy Hagar", or we can just call it the "Red" album as some do. It's the latest in my collection, which I am happy to say has been featuring many of Sammy's early records, the bulk of which to me is still "new". You know, something happened today while I was listening to it at work...I know it's happened before but today for some reason it made me stop and take notice. During "The Pits", as I was listening, the lyrics made me smile. It's like a reflex. I stopped the work I was doing and felt a huge silly grin on my face. And I don't try to hide it. I have had to hold back tears before upon hearing some of his songs for the first time. Sometime they come again while I hear those same songs, and that's okay too. It just never ceases to amaze me how someone's career can be so extensive and never get stale. If you get bored listening to Sammy's catalog then it's your own fault. My Sammy/VH/CF/HSAS/Montrose playlist is now up to 205 tracks. I love putting it on shuffle, and hearing tracks back to back that to the untrained ear would sound like two totally different people. And not even just because those tracks span so many styles and decades. But becasue Sammy does something that he does not like to hear (sorry Sammy I gotta say it!!)...he puts his full emotion into everything he sings. I love thinking of him talking about how hearing himself on playback "freaks him out". I can understand that. I guess when you put yourself out there like that it can be a little scary hearing it from the other side. But not to me, not to all of us who can feel what you put out there and can take it with us. I can honestly say that no other artists' music has ever had that effect on me, and my only regret is that this didn't happen for me a little sooner. That is what I am grateful for. That you never changed that style for anyone, for any reason. You stayed true. You define "genuine". That's a rare phenomenon not just in the entertainment biz but in life. I can't tolerate fake people, or sell-outs. I have no time for it. I put my true self out there every day and expect the same in return. I have always been a very confident person, but getting into your music Sammy has inspired me to be even more energetic about being who I am, about being me. I don't really know a better way to put it. I hope that the people I interact with every day can feed off of that postive energy, and use it to better themselves as well.

So on this, the eve of your birthday, let me give you my gift of gratitude and honest appreciation for what you do and the type of person you are. Thank you for making others feel like I do and helpig us all find one another on this crazy planet and become friends by way of your art. I don't know if your own eyes will ever read this, but I always carry a little torch deep down that you check out what us RedHeads have to say every so often. Here's hoping this gets to you, and hoping anyone who took the time to read this can get the same motivation, inspiration, and joy that I do from what you have given us.

Peace, love, and HAPPY TEN 13 SAMMY!! Looking for ward to many, MANY more!!


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Told ya he hears ya! ;-D

You rock G/F! ♥


Blue Jean Juliet's picture

Right on Stef! Lucky girl!

For me I am always amazed with the Live Version of "Love Walks In" on the VH DVD Live Without A Net. Talk about singing your heart out! You can see it on the other guys faces that THEY knew how good Sammy did! Love it!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Thanks again to EVERYONE who enjoys my blogs here, be they heartfelt or fun, I really do appreciate you reading and letting me know that we all GET IT!!

Thanks to management for loving this blog enough to feature it on Facebook, that is such an honor, I really feel loved!!!♥ It just proves that if you really believe in something that you feel strongly about and have a passion for, don't be afraid to tell it.

Peace everyone!!


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Stef...EXACTLY!!! Sammy fans get it and you put 'it' into words...well done. I had the fortune of running into Sammy in Dallas last February. I simply shook his hand and with a tear welling up in my eyes, said Thank You. He gets it and I know he knows how much we appreciate what he does, and how it's helped us through this journey! \m/

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Very, very well put, Stef! You are not alone in the way you feel. Thanks for the post.

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The last 3 years have been "horrible" for me. Sept 11. 2010 changed, my life. I had a sparkle of sunshine. I visioned carefree and life on the beach.
I went to see Chickenfoot in Lake Tahoe and now I have a place to go when feeling down. I now have most of his songs on my IPOD.
And have been listening to the songs daily. I can't help but smile.
I too want to thank you for writing this and Sammy for changing the way I listen to his music. He is more than a vocalist.
He seems so relaxed and breezy, that is the feeling that comes over me listening to his songs.
Thank you Sammy. Have a wonderful birthday and I hope I look as good when I turn 63.

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Love it. He and his music have a whole new meaning for me now.

jenniferc043's picture

Nicely put, Stef. I can't help smiling when I listen, too!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Seeing all of your comments here are what this is all about, bringing us all together to share. Thanks everyone♥

Thanks again Sammy and HAPPY 1013!!!!

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Amen Stef!! I don't think anyone could have said it any better. I am going through an extremely rough period in my life right now, but I listen to Sammy every day and know that whatever is going to happen everything will be all right!! Thank you for saying what you do. I look forward to seeing it every day. Hope you are doing well.

Your Redhead friend,


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I am sure he hears you Stef!♥
That just made me cry g/f...but in a happy way!


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Hey my Redhead Friend Stef, you Rock. Beautiful words, can I just say DITTO. I feel the same,the concert in Tahoe rocked my world. When Sammy put on the t-shirt I tossed on stage with "TEXAS" on it, that was great. Sammy is the real deal. Like you I guess thats why I've admired his music and art all these years. It dosen't get any better does it Stef. Hope your well. Peace my friend, Con

302_Boss_Chick's picture

aw thanks Patrick, I do my best!! Squashed that nasty old spammer the other day I did I did!!

Thanks for reading, it really means a lot to me!!♥


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It's alright Stef. You keep on writing. That's what blogs are for. I've just always thought of you as the unofficial moderator of the website.