I need to win the lottery..or maybe rob a bank??

July 05, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
I need to win the lottery..or maybe rob a bank??

I am head over heels in love with this man and I don't care who knows it.♥♥♥ Sucks being a working class nobody who can't afford to make pilgrimages to follow him around the country, or even make it to one stinkin' show...but such is life. I will spare you all my sappy pinings for Sammy...I'm sure many of you share my obsession. Besides, if the letter I penned to him ever reached his hands, he knows everything he needs to know already. This new site is so sweet!! I will be on here way more than the old forum, so hit me up for a friend invite, I hope to make lots of RedHead friends who "get" me and my new found love for everything Red...my husband doesn't seem to understand, and frankly I am surprised he is still around. Ha!!

Rock on everyone!!


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*sigh* I know, I was born too late, got lots of catching up to do!! Looking forward to being a part of all the fun around here.

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Oh, WE 'GET IT' Stef! :-D
I share your sentiments about how you feel! I've been doing this Redhead thing for over 30 years! Have Faith G/F!!! It's the Redhead way! You'll get your magic moment someday. Just never give up!!!
And just remember to always include hubby in your excitement about Sammy. I did and now my old man is a Redhead too!!!!

Redlove & Peace to you Always!