Hoping the rumors are true????

March 06, 2012 by 302_Boss_Chick
Hoping the rumors are true????
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So I hear there will be a re-issue of a signature series blue bottle Cabo Wabo tequila sometime in the coming year? Sure hope we may have had a *little* something to do with it?? Come visit us over on Facebook if ya haven't already and support the cause!!


Rock on Redheads!!


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Would be nice to have the blue bottle back. Stopped in a store earlier this week and they had two 4th generation blue bottles, like the one Sammys drinkin in your pic, I grabbed them both. I dont know why, but the Vitamin T always taste better from the blue bottles. Whenever I see the old bottles of anejo, reposado or blanco, I always grab them. I'll drink them sooner than later and I think they taste better.