"Fallen from Grace" and "Dangerous Curves" - anyone know???

September 02, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick

Okay, I do not know the answer to this, so, um, I guess I won't know if you're right but...

Can anyone tell me what the A-side songs were for "Fallen from Grace" and "Dangerous Curves"? I have been told these are rare, B-side only tracks that were not on any albums (at least the first one wasn't). So, I was just curious what anyone might now about them. They are both great tunes, I am so grateful to my special RedHead sista who has been hooking me UP big time with building my Sammy collection...we just don't know much about these two.

Any insight would be appreciated.

OMG only a week to go until Chickenfoot in Indio, CA everyone!! I am AMPED baby!!




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Glad to help!

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Dang Wookie thanks!! I was wondering how long until someone felt like giving this quiz a shot!! I had heard some of that info from a previous source, but didn't know the bit about Bette Midler.

Thanks so much!!



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Fallen From Grace was co-written for Hearts Brigade album. Dangerous curves is a song that Sammy wrote for Lita Ford. Sammy also co-wrote another song for hearts Brigade album called The Night.

Something else you might be interested in, Bette Midler has covered two Sammy songs, Keep On Rockin' & Red.