Cheer up, dammit!!

July 27, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Cheer up, dammit!!

So the mood around here had seemed a bit down lately, what with all the flap over the Cabo B-day bash ticket stuff, but recent blogs and whatnot seem to be pepping up a bit. Had a funny thought the other day and wanted to share it with the class to hopefully bring a smile to some faces. For cripes sake people, Sammy is our International Ambassador of Freaking FUN, we can't have Red Head Central being all Debbie Downer now can we?

So I was listening to my Chickenfoot album for the 598th time (give or take) the other day and I thought, you know what would be killer? When they are working on the second album for next year, they need to include a song called simply "Come on, Git It, Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!" LOL!! Any of you who listen to as much Chickenfoot as I do know exactly what I am talking about. I don't even know if Sammy is aware of the fact that he is belting out this paritcular refrain most of the time, I think it's a subconscious thing really. Just imagine, Chad, Joe and Mike just rockin' out and KILLIN' it like they do so well, and the entire song is just Sammy screaming some combination of "C'mon...Git it...YEAH YEAH YEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!" That would be so sweet. Oh wait, we would need a good "woooo!!" and a couple of nice "UNH!!" in there too just to spice it up a bit. If anyone who reads stuff on this site has any clout when it comes to giving Sammy or any of the 'Foot boys song ideas, please pass this along, I would surely appreciate it.

Smile people, it's not that bad. ☺

Peace, ♥ and rock n' roll!


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hey life's too short, you know?

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Love your attitude girl!
That's too funny about the lyrics! You are SOOO right!
Don't forget to toss in some "WOOOO's" and "HEY's" too! ;-D

GET IT UUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!