Can't believe it's coming to an end....

September 19, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Can't believe it's coming to an end....

...summer, that is. I went outside with my dog the other evening, it was very cool, I could hear the sounds of the local high school football game being played, and could smell someone's fireplace or firepit burning somehwere nearby, so I knew it wouldn't be long. Fall is just a few days away, and while it is normally my favorite season, I am kind of sad to see this summer come to an end. This summer, will always go down in my books, as the "Summer of Sammy", when Chickenfoot helped me discover the wonderful world of RedHeads. The summer that I got myself moving to the sounds of Sammy, Montrose, Chickenfoot, Van Hagar, and found that this was finally the motivation I needed to get myself into shape. The summer that connected me to SO many of the coolest people I have ever had the opportunity to meet, even if for most of us it hasn't been face to face yet. And it all culminated on my birthday weekend with the most awesome (if not QUICKEST!!) trip I have ever taken. It's been a seriously intense 4 and a half months. I have opened my eyes to a world of music, fun, feelings, and friendships I never knew was out there, and I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who had a part in that. Sammy, all the guys in Chickenfoot and everyone who works for them and makes all the awesomeness happen. ALL of my RedHead brotehrs and sisters, what a family. This website for being just plain awesome. So, what does my fall and winter hold for me? Well, I have been persuaded (it was pretty easy) into doing my best to save up some coins to try to get myself out west in a few months for Cinco de Tahoe. Not sure how that's gonna happen, but after all the RED karma that came my way recently, I am gonna try to ride that train all the way into May and see what happens.

Peace, RED LOVE to all of you crazy people, and all my best to everyone going to Cabo. Be safe, have a blast, and knock back a couple for Stef while you're there. Arriba arriba!!!

♥ you all!!!!

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Love the way you write girl! Yeah, summer's almost gone but we got us some memories this summer that will make us smile for years to come!

Tahoe is another great place to experience what it means to be a "Redhead". Like Cabo, so many people congregate there every year and it's like a big family reunion! I feel the same as you about meeting all the great people at these shows! When we all come together, it's like we share a 'bond' and there's good positive energy happening every single time!!!
I hope to be able to save MY 'coin' (literally, in a mini-keg again, like we did last year! LOL!) to make it happen.

If I had never gotten into Sammy when I was 16, I sometimes wonder what I would have been doing with my life. I honestly don't think I would have had NEARLY as much fun as I have, or made as many fantastic friends as I have... THAT'S for SURE!!!!


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I will do a shot for you and hopefully we will see you in Tahoe. I don't know if I'll have any "coin" left after my Cabo trip. Thanks for keeping this site alive all summer. I'm sure you will have many more Sammy concerts in your future.

P.S. I plan on taking a million pictures in Cabo so stay tuned.