Can anyone tell me about the guitar?

November 10, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Can anyone tell me about the guitar?

So I was cruising Google images this morning at work for a new Sammy wallpaper pic for my computer, and found this little gem. After the obvious....the guitar caught my eye. It seems much flashier than something Sammy usually plays, I'd sooner expect him to WEAR something that looked like that!!! Hee hee, sorry Sam, you know I love ya.♥ Anyhow, do any of my hard core RedHeads out here know anything about this axe? Is it his? Did he play it often? Artist info? It's really cool, (I can only assum that's Cabo being poured down the dragon's gullet there)and I don't recall ever having seen him playing anything like it. Judging by Sammy's look, I'm guessing 1999-ish, Red Voodoo pre-haircut era maybe. The site the pic supposedly came from seems to be defunct, so no help there. Any insight would be appreciated!!



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Sorry no, the guitar on the cover of "Not 4 Sale" is a Washburn RR-150 with the peral inlay of Red Rocker on it! A totally different guitar all together!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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One other note....I believe the "base model" of this very same guitar is the one pictured on the cover of the Not 4 Sale album.

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see, this is why I love you guys♥. Thank you all for the great info. RedHeads rock AND we're a damn smart bunch of folks.

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Hi Stef,
It's a Washburn Cabo Wabo Strat custom painted by his son Aaron Hagar! It's called the "Tequila Monster" guitar if I remember correctly! You can't see it, but on one of the lower frets it says "Cabo Wabo" & there is pearl inlay on the neck that says "Red Rocker". The guitar came out around 1997 after the Washburn RR-100 was released. You could get it in Red or Yellow for around $900 without, of course, the custom paint job & inlay! You can find them on eBay for around $400 to $600 now! It's a very sweet guitar, I have it in my collection!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I'm still looking for information about the guitar. I did find the link to Aaron's artwork.

I thought I'd post it here. Some cool paintings and pictures if you're interested.

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hello 302 boss chick. this is up in edmonton alberta canada. i am a long time from beginning to end vh fanatic and hard core red head fan too. i have flown down to cabo wabo town twice over and was up close in person with the red rocker and the wabos on october 13th 2004 for his b-day bash. the slightest bit of insight that i can provide for that cool lookin yellow based tequila drinkin monster washburn guitar is that sammy hagar was featured with it on the front cover of MAXIM GUITAR MAGAZINE july 1997 issue. i too was wondering the same thing you are about where it came from, when it was played and how much it is worth and who did the awesome airbrush job on it. i also have every issue of guitar world magazine for sale including the very first issue from january 1981 with eddie and that bizzare reptile and snake carved guitar on the front cover. might as well mention i have a stack of other mighty van roth era magazines for sale and couple on sammy if you are interested. they are all in fairly good condition. also check out my new blog on the newly revised red rocker website. i am somewhere between 113 and 126 or so give or take. check out my pics and blogs i wrote including my revised and partially rewritten cabo wabo tune i made into a las vegas version for sams new cantina on the las vegas strip. let me know what you think and if you want to take over my collection of vh mags. nice talking to ya 302 boss chick.

P.S i drove a ford maverick as a courtesy car with a 302 boss engine in it while my 79 american made formula with 403 auto was in the shop being painted red with black interior. check it out and me on my personal blog page. that car was the closest highway wonderland trans am twin firebird that sammy hagar sings about from his turn up the music album. thats right baby me a canadian from edmonton alberta responded to that tune and cabo wabo twice over. my bud and i beat everyone up here in alberta to those cool tunes. also my lady friend sheila down in southern LA has known sammys old manager and producer prior to vh for a number of years. his name is david geffen from geffen records and thats kinda cool accept he is a fag? oh well. well if you want to chat look me up. so long 302 boss chick.

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I'm going off of memory here, but I think he started playing that guitar during the Marching to Mars tour. I know Aaron Hagar did the graphics for it. He made a few different designs for some of his dad's axes at that time. Aaron was pursuing a career in art then. I remember seeing links to purchase some of his paintings. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. If someone has more info about this I'd appreciate reading it.