Album included with tix??

April 07, 2019 by 302_Boss_Chick

So I purchased my tickets for the upcoming show in Fresno directly from the venue and I was wondering how I go about getting my album copy that's supposed to be included?? I have tried contacting the website admins here via FB message and email but have yet to receive any response. Any information is greatly appreciated!!



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We bought 5 tickets through Etix....never received any other email from anyone with any info about the album. Doesnt seem that anyone I know has any info, and no one on here knows either. Would kninda like to get the album, as its out in 3 days.

Anyone have a clue?

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We purchased our tickets for Boston and we are soooo excited ! But we're still waiting on some kind of response how to get the album that's supposed to be included ?

Any news ?

Thanks !

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There should be an email sent to you from Ticketmaster with a code to redeem (for each ticket purchased) after you purchase your ticket:
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your Sammy Hagar Album Included in Ticket Order *REDEEM NOW*

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Im looking for the same information....

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I was wondering the same thing. I purchased two tickets for the Fresno show and wanting to know the process. It was stated on the website that after tickets were purchased there would be instructions how to get the CD.