5 things I gotta know.

July 29, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick

You all know you can't get through the day without your daily dose of Red Rocker Randomness from yours truly....

So, WHEN (ha!!) I get the chance, I have 5 things I would ask Sammy.

1.) Which do you own more of - pairs of sunglasses, or Cabo Wabo t-shirts?

2.) When you perform in Vegas, which generates more power - the Hoover Dam Hydroelectric plant, or your vocal cords?

3.) Can I touch your hair?

4.) Can I drive your Mustang? If not, would you at least let me change the oil?

5.) Seriously, you're not even human are you? You come from some galaxy where everyone ROCKS and never ages, right?

Rock on.

Stef ♥

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