♪♫ Here's a fun game ♪♫

September 22, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
♪♫ Here's a fun game ♪♫

Okay I asked this over on FB too but figured I'd give the die hard RedHeads a chance too.

So Cabo Wabo Vegas was asking on FB, what's your favorite Sammy song? If YOU can pick just one, congrats, I sure cant'. But here's my version...

If Sammy showed up on your doorstep tonight with his guitar and said "You and I are gonna sing together. You get to pick JUST ONE song from my whole career, from Bad Motor Scooter to Poundcake to Bitten by the Wolf...just one..."

What would you choose?

Have fun with this one!!

I am honestly still thinking about my own choice, so once I decide I'll let you know.



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Dreams, BC I know that's one of his favorites, and every time I hear that song, I am just pumped up!

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To many to count..I would say When the Hammer Falls

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Oh YEAH! Come on baby pass that J!

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hell yeah Finish What Ya Started!!! This was my all time fave before I became a full fledged RedHead...NEVER get tired of this song OR this video!!

You know what, I really don't think Sammy would care if you could or couldn't sing very well, you could just sort of hum along. It's all good. As long as you're having fun and singing from your heart that's all that matters.



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I can never pick just one. And seriously, if Sammy showed up at my doorstep tonight and said "you and I are going to sing together..." I'd have to tell him that he really would not want to hear me attempt to sing ANY of his songs. I couldn't carry a tune if you gave me a bucket to put it in.

Still having trouble with choosing just one...do I pick one that makes me happy? One where I could just let loose and scream like a maniac? Maybe something quieter and more melodic? I only get to pick one, you say? To hell with it, I'm going for one that's just plain sexy!

(Ladies, you know what I'm talking about <3)

If my attempt at singing didn't actually send him running away in horror, and there was a chance for another song, it would have to be Future in the Past. I could hear that song all day, every day and never get tired of hearing it. See, I knew that I couldn't pick just one...

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Geez I was wondering when you'd get around to this one JA!!

Yeah I thought of "One Sip" also (hey it's not that much longer than "Someday" which I thought of also!!)

Oh, and just for the record, I would totally get up on stage with the band and jam, I don't care. ROCK AND ROLL BAYBEE!!!

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Hmmmmmm...you don't do things the EASY way DO you? LMAO! Pick just ONE...??? HUH!!! Yeah, RIGHT!!!!

Ok, ok...since this is still on my 'bucket list' of Redhead things I wanna do someday (singing a song with him, just me and him... or with the band too but NOT on stage in front of PEOPLE. LOL!) I have several that I could propose and I would let HIM pick which one we sang.

1. Young Girl Blues
2. One Sip
3. Someday
4. Learning to Fall
5. Hallelujah

"Someday" is really WAY too short though but I still love singing it.☺


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Gonna have to go back to my carefree days as a kid in my 68 chevelle.... crusin'& boozin'. Just brings back memories of that taste of freedom that you get with your first car and not worring about the daily grind of bills and mortgage payments. We didnt "pop a buck in the gas" tank ... was more like ten , and we didnt have "jd in the backseat" , we had coors!

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Length of song really DID figure in on my final decision.

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OMG redrandi!!! LOL thank you for saying what some of us (gals...I hope!!) were thinking. Sounds like you would wanna do a rendition of "Up for Breakfast"!! (hmm...add that one to my 'hat' list too now that I think about it)

I guess the best strategy really would be to pick the LONGEST song, right? The more time the better!!

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Tough choice between Right Now and Future in the past. I'm glad I don't have to make the choice actually!!!!!

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Tough to pick just one song. Instead, could I just lick him from head to toe?
Seriously, think it would be Future in the past.

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OMG you guys are great!! See I should have just posted this poll over here, you guys GET it!!

I wanna amend my answer to include the "Livin' It Up" version of "Halfway to Memphis". I was singing that in the car this morning and giving myself goosebumps.♥

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The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned)

with a big fat j passed around the room:P

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Psycho Vertigo...not a run of the mill pick, but I'm just rockin' this tune out these days!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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So many great tunes to choose from but I would have to choose Fast Times at Ridgemont High!!! It always makes me feel like I am a teenager.

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I would have to pick Right Now, because there is no tomorrow !

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Returning Of The Wish

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Tough choice but how bout this one. Can't Get Loose!

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it would have to be...LOUD....I love that song.....and it always makes me happy

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Yes I knew Sammy wrote that song and I know that movie because I am madly in love with Jennifer Aniston.

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it's hard cause so many perfect ones. i'd have to say DREAMS!! always been my favorite.

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Well I know the song Stand Up & Shout, but don't know that movie!!

There, you all see how hard it is to pick just ONE?

I'd put these three in a hat and draw one:

You Make Me Crazy

Finish What Ya Started

Down the Drain

Oh and you don't HAVE to sing with him, but I'd sure want to!!!

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I'd probably have to go with Eagles Fly. Just a great song, I especially like the acoustic version. Dreams and Top of the World come in a tie for second!

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If he was the only one singing I would like Rock N Roll Romeo sung to me! If I have to sing with him, Bad Motor Scooter!

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Eagles Fly.

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