Redhead Jungle Snorkel Booze Cruise!!!! 1-Way!!!

October 01, 2015 by 1-Way Scotty
Redhead Jungle Snorkel Booze Cruise!!!!  1-Way!!!

Friends, Redhead Family, Sun, Suds, Snorkel, Sammy Tunes and Open Bar!!!!! It doesn't get any better than this!! This will be my 12th time in Cabo, and every year I set up a Redhead Jungle Cruise that just keeps getting bigger and better every year!! Meet at 10:30 AM on the 7th of Oct on the Main Dock on the Southwest side of the marina just down from Senior Frogs to board. It costs $30. This will cover the per person marina tax and include breakfast, lunch, snorkeling, and open bar including Cabo Wabo Tequila!! Please bring a little extra to tip the crew. They work hard and are awesome at keeping our party going! You can reserve your spot in advance by sending $30 by paypal to (please send it as 'family/friend' so that paypal doesn't charge a business charge). You can pay at the dock, but it will be first come first serve and when the boat is full, it's full. My favorite 4 words in any language: "See You In Cabo!!!' 1-Way!!!

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jimdandy1's picture

To bad your cruise is on the 7th, I have a previous appointment to Rock out w Sammy, gotta get the wrist bands and all before the first show.
Looking to do the same type cruise thursday or friday. Any other redheads wanna go on a "Booze Cruise Too"
Hey "1-way" what company are you cruising with? who do i talk to there to maybe make this happen for others on another day?

OldNumber7's picture

Sounds like a blast...too bad we are arriving the following day
Have FUN!

soundman126's picture

Me and my cousin might join you we haven't decided yet! If we do decide to go we will just show up at the dock! If there is no room no problem we got tickets to the show that night!!! But It would be nice to party all day with you guys and party all night with Sammy!!!

edwards097's picture

I wish we arrived there before the 7th. We fly in on the 8th. Were are going to have a bunch of redheads do a snorkel/booze cruise aboard the Sunrider. It will be a blast.