13th Annual Redhead Jungle Cruise

August 28, 2018 by 1-Way Scotty
13th Annual Redhead Jungle Cruise
13th Annual Redhead Jungle Cruise

Friends, Redhead Family, Sun, Suds, Snorkel, Sammy Tunes and Open Bar!!!!! It doesn't get any better than this!! This will be my 13th time in Cabo, and every year I set up a Redhead Jungle Cruise that just keeps getting bigger and better every year!! Meet at 9:45 AM on the 11th of Oct on the Main Dock on the Southwest side of the marina just down from Senior Frogs to board. It costs $35. This will cover the per person marina tax and include breakfast, lunch, snorkeling, and open bar including Cabo Wabo Tequila!! Please bring a little extra to tip the crew. They work hard and are awesome at keeping our party going! You can reserve your spot in advance by sending $35 by paypal to ibrocked@AOL.com (please send it as 'family/friend' so that paypal doesn't charge a business charge). You can pay at the dock, but it will be first come first serve and when the boat is full, it's full. My favorite 4 words in any language: "See You In Cabo!!!' 1-Way!!!

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My friends have been many times! This is legit so buy your tix and get on a boat with the rest of us!

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How many people fit on the boat? I am hesitant about prepaying since I have never have been on the redhead jungle cruise. I have heard about it and have heard about how fun it is. I am only hesitant for sending money to somebody I have never met. #Redheads chime in here please. I am sure it is legit. :) Thanks Scotty!

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Scotty, when is return time to the dock?


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OMG Scotty! met you and your lovely wife last year. How is the baby? I'm going and will see if this will fit the schedule!!