Good Enough (Song)
Runnin' Out (Song)
Oh Yeah (Song)
Chickenfoot DLE (Discography Version)
Marching To Mars (Discography Version)
Livin' It Up (Discography Version)
Montrose (Discography Version)
Paper Money (Discography Version)
Nine on a Ten Scale (Discography Version)
Sammy Hagar (Discography Version)
Musical Chairs (Discography Version)
Street Machine (Discography Version)
Danger Zone (Discography Version)
Standing Hampton (Discography Version)
Three Lock Box (Discography Version)
Through The Fire (Discography Version)
VOA (Discography Version)
5150 (Song)
Love Walks In (Song)
Dreams (Song)
5150 (Discography Version)
Eagles Fly (Song)
I Never Said Goodbye (Discography Version)
OU812 (Discography Version)
Poundcake (Song)
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (Discography Version)
Balance (Discography Version)
Red Voodoo (Song)
Mas Tequila (Song)
Red Voodoo (Discography Version)
Ten 13 (Discography Version)
Not 4 Sale (Discography Version)
Hallelujah (Discography Version)
The Essential Red Collection (Discography Version)
LOUD (Song)
Cosmic Universal Fashion (Discography Version)