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History (Page)
My Kinda Girl (Song)
Oh Yeah (Song)
Chickenfoot (Discography Version)
Dreams/Cabo (Song)
Livin' It Up (Discography Version)
Sam I Am (Song)
Hallelujah (Discography Version)
Not 4 Sale (Discography Version)
Stand Up (Song)
Hallelujah (Song)
Mas Tequila (Song)
Marching To Mars (Discography Version)
Kama (Song)
Not Enough (Song)
Balance (Discography Version)
Right Now (Song)
In 'n' Out (Song)
Runaround (Song)
Judgement Day (Song)
Poundcake (Song)
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (Discography Version)
Feels So Good (Song)
Cabo Wabo (Song)
OU812 (Discography Version)
Eagles Fly (Song)
Give to Live (Song)
I Never Said Goodbye (Discography Version)
5150 (Song)
VOA (Discography Version)