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July 06, 2010 by redrealtor5150 
Naperville Ribfest

It was a Blast! .... B4 and after that ogre of a security guard pinned me against the center fence and started swearing at me and told me to get the F&^% out of here a few times and also threatened to put me in jail if he saw my camera again. Funny how everyone else was filming for youtube,etc. I was about 16th row center left right as the 2nd song started when this happened. I know a bunch of you redheads saw it going on - hope you can help me out here and get this bum reported. Thanks.

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July 06, 2010 by Jayhawker92 
Sammy Rocks!

I love this new site...finally glad it's up. I thought I was a Van Halen fan for many years until Sammy left the band and then I realized that I was a Redhead!

Seen him 4 times with Halen, once with the Wabos and recently with Chickenfoot. By far, the best concerts I've ever seen. The Foot was incredible and hope they cut another CD.

Much love to ya Sammy. Thank you for all the years of great music. It's been the soundtrack to my life. I still have Chickenfoot and 5150 CD's in my car at all times.


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July 06, 2010 by RHINEFIRE 
4th of july

hi red rocker-it was great seeing you at the 4th of july concert. your looking great and your family looked very happy. even tho it wasnt you playing for us smash mouth rocked. i hope to see you again here in hawaii. if your comming this way to rock the island please let me know. good luck on your new adventures.your long time rocking buddy GATOR. peace and hair grease.

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July 06, 2010 by gdwild 
Naperville Ribfest 2010

Great show and a most excellent experience! My sons have grown up not only listening to Sammy, but listening to my stories about his shows in Cabo and elswhere. I was finally able to bring them due to the type of venue and they rocked out! So great to share my love of Sammy with my sons! Show rocked. Sammy played more lead guitar than I have seen in many, many years and was rippin'! Voice sounded great and Wabos super tight. Man Sammy, you really do keep getting better with age, its gotta be the vitamin 'T'!

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July 06, 2010 by dmachek 
John Galt

Who is John Galt?

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