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July 01, 2010 by trnkami 

Lookin forward to seeing Sam and the band tomorrow at ribfest! Wonder if Mikey's coming home to jam with them!?!?!?

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July 01, 2010 by tony.elkin 
waiting for Sammy

I'm sitting on the grass in front of the stage, waiting for Sammy to play!!

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July 01, 2010 by StPeteRedHead 
Shows that I have attended.
Shows that I have attended.

I was going to enter some shows that I attended, but you have to choose from the events listed. I've been working hard since 2001. I've seen Sammy since then but... That's different.

But In November 2000 I saw 6 shows in 8 days and still drove 2500 miles for the trucking company that I was leased to. I went to the shows in...
11/14 --San Antonio, TX
11/15 --Dallas, TX
11/17 --Kansas City, KS
11/18 --Chicago, IL
11/19 --Chicago, IL
11/21 --Davenport, IA

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July 01, 2010 by dhuber 
Aerosmith and Sammy

When I heard you were touring with Aerosmith I could not wait to get tickets. When I went to order the tickets. WOW talk about SHOCK $195 a piece. Maybe if they were front row but these were not even in the first section of seats.

Looks like I will have to pass this year. Fans are Fans but asking $195 for pavillion is crazy.

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July 01, 2010 by Briguy001 
Sammy at Ribfest, Napperville July 2nd

Sammy's July 2nd Naperville Illinois show marks his 30th anniversary in the Chicago area. June 25th 1980 at what was Poplar Creek Music theatre was his first Live concert as a SOLO headlining artist. I remember the show well, only a few hundred people attended but, Sammy had such an impact on those that did attent we went on to seed the Sammy enthusiasm. If Sammy ever wonders why the midwest is such a strong market for him...these shows are why.


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