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August 02, 2010 by kevin 
Bash tickets

Thanks to Sammy and the Redrocker staff for letting me enjoy a little more of Cabo this year and worrying less about my tickets. Got all 4 shows today with little problems. The system was'nt perfect, and it was'nt cheep, but it worked for me and it feels good going down this year set in stone for all nights. Feels like the first time again. Sorry to those who did'nt get in online but there is still the dinner tickets and sammy always does something extra for his fans, whether it be a few more tickets or more shows. Mikey is always good for a surprise gig on off nights.

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August 02, 2010 by tima018 
Where is a good close place to stay?

Got my ticket to the show on the 8th and don't no where to stay after getting a good buz on.

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August 02, 2010 by Nick Masini 
Oct. 8th !!

Got tickets to the 10/8 show . couldn't be more happy bout the new system . I said earlier this week I very much respect the many people on here that go every year . I've been three times since 2003 . Last time there we didn't get into one show . long story but getting there 2nd week can make it hard . I for one think Sammy plays many shows so as many people can get in as possible . I'm sure he LOVES seeing famliar faces . I'm also sure he LOVES the look on a lifelong fan in the Cabo or the first time . To those who did't get tickets I'm very sorry !

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August 02, 2010 by mikeb004 
B- Bash 2010

I was lucky the 8th & 9TH I got tickets. 11& 13 the server would crash!! This years system is alot better then waiting 12 hours for free tickets!! THE Red Rocker Team did a great job!!! My only concern is I hope that they don't decide to let people in for free the day of the shows when we had to pay for them this year. THIS SOULD BE THE BEST YEAR ONLY 650 PEOPLE PER NIGHT (We won't be shoulder to shoulder). Every year before 1000+people per show. See you there!

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August 02, 2010 by Jeffreyb77 
BDAY Bash 2010

What in the hell happened. Did anyone get tickets today? This sucks! 10 years, I've never not gotten into a Bday Bash show. This year, however it's not looking so good.

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