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July 07, 2011 by 

I'm heading to Cabo in about a week and can't wait! Sammy has really had a tremendous impact on the local economy down there. We're going to be at the RIU and I'll definitley be stopping in at the Cantina. I've been to the Vegas Cantina and loved it. I hope I really have a great time out in Cabo. If it's as great as I think it is I 'll be there for the birthday bash!

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July 05, 2011 by scotter1 
going to birthday bash after 15yrs

does anybody know if the tesoros has all inclusive packages and how was it

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July 04, 2011 by Mandy Buck 
how to post pictures

I tried posting a picture it did not post. Will somebody please tell me how? Thanks, Mandy

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July 01, 2011 by Wabo Me 
Cabo Wabo Tequila 1st edition bottle!!! ~

Hey fellow Reds! I am wondering if their are any Redheads out there "lucky" enough to own a 1st edition bottle of Cabo...?! I purchased my bottle at the Cantina, back in late 1996. It is the tan ceramic "sand blasted" bottle. I have been doing a little research on it and I can't find any information on it's rarity or value. I will NEVER sell it, I would just like to hear ANY information or stories that you may have...?! Please, PLEASE let me know! Dani ~

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July 01, 2011 by themay_or 

Just received a facebook update from Mikey! New Chickenfoot album is not going to be titled IV but he would not comment on the new title. However, he did confirm that the release date for the album will be September 27 and the first single 'Bigfoot' will hit the radio airwaves later this month!

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