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June 13, 2011 by EVILERN13 
HELP a brutha out?
HELP  a brutha out?

I'm going to Detroit to spend some time with my MOM in August, I was planning on going to the show, wasn't able to get tickets!
Anybody got a couple extra?
I'll be bringing a bringing some old bottles of Reposado & Anejo with me?????


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June 11, 2011 by sdelonjay 
Birthday Bash 2011

Anybody know when the birthday bash tix go on sell?
Thanks, Sam

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June 10, 2011 by azure.s 

CWR does indeed go very well with a tiny bit of cinnamon!

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June 09, 2011 by Sams5150 
Cabo 10/13/2011

Anyone know how to get tickets for the club this year?

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June 08, 2011 by Ericalynnnnn 
VH1 rock the house back in 2002

Hey Sammy I know you probably don't remember me, but you might remember my parents. Back in 2002 they won the contest for VH1 for being the biggest sammy hagar fans. I was the little girl that drew you pictures while yall were redoing my living room.
Right after the show ended my parents divorced and we lost the house with most of the memories from the show, We still have some but the house was the biggest one. Both of my parents birthdays are coming up in November and i think it would be awesome if you could sign something for the both of them.
Please let me know!

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