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December 30, 2011 by danielw075 
PETITION: Sammy Hagar to Guest Star on WWE Monday Night RAW
PETITION: Sammy Hagar to Guest Star on WWE Monday Night RAW

PETITION: Sammy Hagar to Guest Star on WWE Monday Night RAW
Toby Keith, Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Shaq, Chad Krueger, Ozzy & lots more have done it.


Come on Sammy!!! I wanna see you on RAW & RED ROCKIN!!!!

Forever RedHead/Red Rocker fan, Danny Wissert

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December 30, 2011 by GraphicDave 
A little levity

Here's the story of a Blonde woman... who prided herself on being self sufficient. Unfortunately she was short on cash so she decided to visit a friend who might have some work around the house.
She knocked on the door at Mr. H's house and he answered, "hey sweetie, what's happening?"
"Well Sam, I need to make some money. Do you have anything I can do around here?"
Sam smiled (heh heh heh) :::but seriously:::
"Sure, you can paint my porch"

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December 30, 2011 by Captain Ron 
What a year!

What a year it's been. The book signing, the Tahoe concert, it's been a great ride. Hoping to get to the Birthday Bash next year. The live feed was nice for those of us who couldn't make it, thanks Sammy! Can't wait to see Chickenfoot when they bounce back to the States! Happy New Year everybody!!

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December 28, 2011 by nevertooldtorock 
Missing Shirt

Remember when you were with VH in Salt Lake City, at the Delta Center?
Some idiot sold your VH short sleeve white Shirt wit hyour Name on it ? Sorry, but I have it, have had it all of this time, it was a great moment to remember, I am sorry that Ed flipped his dushbag lid.
but you will be in the Star light forever, you dont need VH.

Sincerely : Adrian

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December 27, 2011 by ringmaster2000 
Sammy's first concert in 1976

I was at Sammy's first tour date in Seattle Colliseum leading for the gary wright dreamweaver tour. After 2 hours they turned off the power to the stage and brought up the house lights. he got a standing ovation. He was just amazing. I remember what Sammy said, " if those f____ hadn't turned off the power, we would have played all night". Again a huge roar from the crowd. Gary wright was a terrible show and i walked out soon after. Never will forget that show. rock on Sammy

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