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October 03, 2011 by mils 
Chickenfoot tix

Just wondering about the presale times for chickenfoot tix. It says 10:00am, is that pacific time?
Don't want to seem stupid, just really want to make sure to get tix. Planning a weekend around the show, since we are driving 8 hrs to the closest one.

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October 02, 2011 by samiam4ever 
Rockin' on the 13th in Cabo!

Wow! Been to see Sammy in sunny California lots of times but never been to Cabo...until this year! Can't wait to party with all you Redheads at the BB on the 13th! Hubby's birthday is on the 12th and he's ready to throw back a few shots! We're staying at the Westin so if anybody wants to get together for a beer, margarita, or whatever, let's do it!

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October 02, 2011 by RedRockette 
Go There Once Be There Twice

Any chance we can get a showing of Go There Once Be There Twice during the B Day Bash?

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October 02, 2011 by teddyjack36 
BB bash ticket trade

My wife and I have tix for 10-13 birthday bash. Would like to trade for the 10-11 show if anyone is interested. (If it's possible)

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October 01, 2011 by MTCKIE68 

The new Chickenfoot Album is AWESOME !!! My favorite song is by far is "Something Going On". But the hole record is great. I can't wait for you guys to come around here. PLEASE PLAY THAT SONG LIVE !!!! My son and I are just starting to learn how to play the Guitar. He is 8 and I'm 43 and I told him if he really wanted to do this I would do it with him. Please Pray for me cause I'm not as good as he is. He can pick up stuff by sound. I know he is my son but he blows my mind with how he can do this stuff and he can do it with the drums too.

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