Thackerville Backstage

Thackerville Backstage
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Thanks Sammy for taking a few moments to recognize your fans...your music has brought together lifelong friends and has given us a reason to get out of our daily surroundings and hum drum life to meet in the middle...and our middle may be Cabo, Tahoe, or back roads Casinos...but we go and... for those few days we forget about reality and live ...I mean really LIVE...and we feel alive...Winstar was our wish upon a STAR night when we got to meet and talk with Sammy...we have taken that experience back to our daily lives and for a few days we will tell everyone how much fun we had...we will also educate those around us who may not understand "our DRIVE and passion for the man and his music"....we really only reach the highest plane of understand when we reminisce with other takes years to realize what this band of people have discovered and to begin to make the climb to be at the same altitude of understanding and joy...some may never discover our secret and I have to we really want to share...??? Thanks again Sammy