El Reno Meet and Greet Winners

El Reno Meet and Greet Winners
El Reno Meet and Greet Winners WILLIAM NEAL HUMPHREY
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Yeppers thats my hubby 4ever!!!! Thanks for the backstage meet and greet!!! Next time I win tho it would be cool if Mona were there I missed a golden op in el reno Mona was there early and I didnt have the guts to say hello now im just kicking myself DANG IT any ways much love to you and for real come back to tulsa or kc we always have such a good time U remember You were there I was there and btw if chad wants a real spanking you gotta get a mama up there to do it whipping butt is one thing i know about!!!!!!!

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And Sammy for the record thats my Soul Mate My Wife for life Andrea.Shes the K.C. Chickenfoot Backstage Pass DNA Girl,ask Rich...LOL...Or Louie Shes the LOVE of my LIFE ! 10-13 Get it UP !!!
Please come back to the Uptown in K.C. or the Ol' Lady Brady in Tulsa. Keep Rockin & Thank YOU for my 37 Years of Rocking with YOU ! Zookeeper (ZK3)

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We Love You Sammy & all the REDHEAD's Around the World!!! Its Alive & still kickin... inside of me... come on baby Please~~~~~~~~~ Happy New Year To all... Peace, Zookeeper