2010 Halloween Party

2010 Halloween Party
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Pablo's picture

Without the facial hair (on Sam I mean) it's almost a 'Stir Crazy' era Gene Wilder look ya got there.

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Hey Sammy, if this music thing doesn't work out for ya, I think you may just have something to fall back on!!

Awesome, you both look great!!

Happy Halloween!!


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Talk about SPOOKY!!!!! Love, Love, Love this!!!!♥ You guys look GREAT!!! Too cool! Hope you had a blast!

Our party ROCKED! Everybody loved the 'special guest' that came and rocked with us! Sammy, he said he was your long lost twin brother! He told us your folks left him behind in Salinas when the family moved to Fontana. Said some kind families named 'Simons' and 'Alexander' adopted him and he grew up as a little scoundrel in the Alisal. He CAN sing and tried to make it big like you but never had the courage cause he couldn't afford the dental work...so to this day he never smiles in his pictures. Poor soul! You should come visit him someday Sammy, he says he misses you! ;)