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December 07, 2015
The Albums that shaped the Red Rocker

Sammy's latest interview with Joe Bosso at Classic Rock revealed the origins of his musical inspiration. After talking shop about The Circle and Sammy's other projects, they fly straight into Sammy's selections for the 10 records that changed his life. 

Read the full article over at  and check out the 10 records below as well:

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December 03, 2015
Sammy's Feature in "Edible: Marin & Wine Country"

"A Little Bit of Everything, And it Works": The Redrocker is as Comfortable in the Kitchen as Behind the Microphone

Sammy is featured in this month's issue of "Edible: Marin & Wine Country" which you can find in stores throughout the Marin/Napa/Sonoma area! Find a copy in person at Mill Valley Market Equator, Whole Foods, D'Angelo's, Honeymoon Ice Cream, Mill Valley Inn and more!

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November 25, 2015

We're happy to announce that not only is DVD version of The Circle's first release "At Your Service" finally here (official release date December 18th), but you can get early access to it in the brand new Red Rocker Store and that's not all!

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November 19, 2015
The Chef's Classic airs on CBS this Sunday, November 22nd!

The 1-hour show will air on November 22nd around 5pm EST/4pm CST after the NFL (for PST check your local listings - 12pm in LA; 1:30pm in SF; 2pm in Seattle).

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November 16, 2015
Emeril's Annual Carnival Du Vin in New Orleans

Emeril's Annual  Carnival Du Vin raised over $3 million last night. Our package went for 85K & at the last minute Jonathan Cain from Journey came onboard to add to the musician lineup.

Food was outstanding, the cocktails and wine were outstanding, and Jose Andres, the person to Kari's left when she has the hat on is a riot and he's one of my favorite chefs in the world.

Emeril was on fire with Chris Wilson and the staff from all the chefs' restaurants, it was amazing!! Hard to leave and come home, I love the big easy. 

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