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May 07, 2015
Sammy Hagar and Starkey Hearing Foundation Join Forces in Cabo


May is "Better Hearing and Speech" month, so this is a great time to raise awareness about hearing loss as well as for people to hear Sammy talk about the transformative process people go through when their hearing is restored. 

Seeing these kids' faces' light up is just the most amazing experience. Throughout the day it took some getting used to, but once I started, we just were rolling! 

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May 04, 2015
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!

Hey Redheads, Sammy here - The Circle just came off the first leg of the shows we're doing this year and I can't believe how great it went, it feels like we've been together for years. Well, I guess in some ways we have haha!  

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April 29, 2015
Listen Carefully: International Noise Awareness Day

Today, people and organizations around the world are commemorating the 20th annual International Noise Awareness Day. 

Last month, the World Health Organization released data that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk for hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.  

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April 28, 2015
Sammy visits Live From Daryl's House for the season premiere this THURSDAY!

Come join Sammy Hagar as he kicks off the newest season of "Live From Daryl's House" this THURSDAY, April 30th! You can catch the show at it's new time at 9/8c on Palladia TV!

You can watch a quick preview in the video below!

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April 16, 2015
Sammy's Beach Bar Rum to team up with Chef Rick Moonen!

Got to see my friend, Chef Rick Moonen, this past weekend in Vegas at the DLVEC. It was awesome to catch up and chat about everything he's been doing. One thing that blew my mind was the aging process his mixologist team is doin' with my rum. Very cool stuff used to create some really special drinks! More reasons for rum aficionados to love my rum! I highly recomend checking it out - more to come soon! - Sammy


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