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September 03, 2015
Wine Dinner at El Paseo

Last night's wine Collectors dinner at El Paseo was phenomenal!!!

Sold out again as usual, but the food was extra good there were about 10 redheads & they're hardcore - one guy even had the porcelain tequila bottle with him that's hardcore!! I only have two of those, but check the picture of Kari and I. 

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September 02, 2015
36 Year "Street Machine" Anniversary!

Aaah Street machine. Yes 36 years ago and I'm still a motorhead from hell - still love them cars, still singing about 'em, driving 'em, buying them ha!

That was also the first solo album I produced myself. Bill the Electric Church on bass, Gary Pihl on guitar, and the late Chuck Ruff on drums. Chuck came up with the coolest drumbeat ever on Trans Am. I remember I thought it was played backwards, but he knew where the "one" was - Ha.

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August 31, 2015
LaFerrari featured in Road & Track

Road and Track Magazine did a full feature on the 2015 LaFerrari and it's 949-hp rocket-of-an-engine. 

As mentioned in the article, the day the writer of this feature visited the Ferrari track at Pista di Fiorano, Sammy was upstairs in the small apartment where Schumacher and other drivers stayed before "regulations curtailed Formula 1 testing at Fiorano".

It's the fastest care they have ever tested. 

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August 28, 2015
Does it taste like Chicken?

Hanging at the studio today as he gears up for his world tour to support his awesome new CD, and he and I always messing around with song ideas to see if it taste like chicken ha ha!

As far as the Circle goes, we will definitely be recording new material soon – for now looking forward to the shows next week. I can't wait, I love playing with this band live! The Circle at your service.


Webmaster note:  Shows next week include:

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August 27, 2015
Just got my copy of "Are We Having Any Fun Yet?"

I did a video session yesterday talking about my book and lifestyle - I'm so excited about this book I can't tell you. Yesterday I read half of it in one sitting – I couldn't put it down and I wrote it!! Ha.

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