UPDATED Message from Sammy

January 10, 2008

Message #2






I woke up this morning and wanted to make a change and decided to make everything FREE!





Despite a huge response from fans and listeners all over the world and a massive number of sign-ups, I’ve decided this one is on me, we're canceling our VIP Membership program and refunding all the money. 





We're going to continue the discounts, the perks, and advantages for everyone who wants to come to Cabo but give it to everyone Free. 





We're going to continue to expand the video and photo libraries, and continue to build the programming for "Rock Radio the Way God Intended It"...but we're going to make it all FREE. Free Music, Free discounts, Free Everything.





Our goal is to build the greatest rock radio station in the world and we want you to tell everyone you know about it. We want everybody who wants to come to Cabo to get every discount and every advantage possible without any commitment and no strings attached. We hope you'll help us make it better and take advantage of the free perks and discounts. 





Everyone is committed to continue making Cabo Wabo Radio better in the months to come. We will work on the mix, do more research, get input from you, the audience, connect with correspondents around the world, and continue to listen and refine. I hope you'll listen too and give us your input and suggestions."





Thanks for everything! One more time more than ever, Happy New Year!!





Mas Tequila!













Message # 1: An Official Message from Sammy Hagar 

"Redrocker.com and a Happy New Year"

 Hola! Welcome to another New Year! As 2008 gets underway, I wanted to send a personal note thanking you all for another incredible year and for all your support and enthusiasm for everything we're trying to do. We have an amazing team assembled at RedRocker.com and there are tens of thousands who have been coming here over the years for information about our shows, music, and new projects. 

 It is with that in mind that I'd like to clarify a few things about this site and some of the other new efforts. First of all, RedRocker.com is the official site for all the things we're doing and will continue to be the central meeting place for all of our efforts. As you know however, besides the music and concerts, there is Cabo, the Cantina, Cabo Wabo Tequila, and a few other surprises on the horizon.

 Our latest major effort has been a personal passion of mine for years. I have always dreamed of having my own radio station, a place that would be a showcase of the most exciting new artists and new rock in the world. I also wanted it to deliver the same "feel good" energy and excitement we try to bring to our live concerts, but do it 24 hours a day.  






















 We are so committed to it that we built studios right next to the stage inside the Cabo Wabo Cantina. We launched CaboWaboRadio.com on New Years Eve and I'm thrilled with the way it's going. 

 As for the programming, I'm not interested in having another typical Classic Rock station. I don't want to get stuck in the past. We want to include great rock from the past but keep the focus on today...on what’s new and exciting...on what's happening everywhere. 

 I've learned from doing concerts in countries all over the world, there is a huge renaissance in rock happening right now and no traditional rock stations are addressing it, and neither are the satellite services.

 We want CaboWaboRadio.com to be the one place to experience it...like “listening to the future.” If we are going to evolve we need to be vital and on the cutting edge of music. If we are going to discover the great new artists of the future, we can't stay stuck playing nothing but the same old music of the past over and over. 

 As happy as we are with what we've accomplished so far, everyone is committed to continue making it better in the months to come. We will work on the mix, do more research, get input from the audience, connect with correspondents around the world, and continue to listen and refine. I hope you'll listen too and give us your input and suggestions.

 CaboWaboRadio.com has been designed to be a companion to RedRocker.com and not to replace or compete with it. RedRocker is about the music I create, the concerts and the experience. CaboWaboRadio is the expansion of my passion for music beyond what I personally create and my passion for the Cabo San Lucas experience.

 The Cabo Wabo Cantina was created as a desire to have a vacation rock club in paradise and CaboWaboRadio.com is an attempt to bring the Cabo dream vacation experience to the world through great music. Plus we’ll be broadcasting live concerts from the cantina and have exclusive interviews with huge stars and stars of the future.

 I should also mention the VIP Subscription program of CaboWaboRadio.com.

 We set this up to give as many people as possible the opportunity of having an extraordinary vacation experience in Cabo. The subscription revenues allow us to create the benefits programs and return those benefits in the form of discounts in Cabo. It has to be self-sustaining in order to continue to grow and we want our members to get huge savings on everything from resorts to deep sea fishing and golf. We want this membership to be completely rewarding in every way.

 This radio station has been built from the ground up using all my resources.  I’ve made a considerable investment without the help of sponsors or affiliated radio stations.  If I didn’t love what we are doing; there’s no way we would be carrying on.  It’s not a “fan club,” it’s a “subscription service” designed to bring you as many benefits as possible.

 Trying something new is always a challenge but I believe in following my passions.  Check out the station and see if you like it; I know you’ll dig the energy! And I hope you'll come to Cabo and experience the escape from worries in a place dedicated to having a good time. We're going to do everything we can to help make that happen for as many people as possible. 


 Sammy Hagar