Update from the Cabo Wabo Family in Mexico

September 26, 2014

Inspiring to see how the community and businesses have come together to get Cabo back on its feet. Everyone in Cabo working very hard. Still a lot of work to be done but amazing how much progress has been made. Kudos to the Government assistance!!! Could have never made it without their support. We estimate to have power back on at Cabo Wabo by next week and will then start testing all equipment. Hoping to re-open soon along with airport and other businesses.

Thank you to all of you that have sent good wishes. All of our staff is safe and we are working hard to assist on their needs.


Cabo Wabo Family



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It is just so heart renching.....the devistation in Cabo! I have watched so many of the videos and it is unimaginable what the people experienced. My prayers are with my friends and businesses that I love so dearly!

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Jorge/Marco/Roberto/Carlos/Rolando - everybody that makes Cabo Wabo feel like our home away from home: We wish you well in the recovery process and look forward to seeing you soon. We'll be there on 10 Octubre as planned to celebrate with you. Be well.

Rico y Lou Lou

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OMG that gave me chills! Love seeing people come together to help eachother out . This shows there is so much more good in this world over bad. Love the smiles on their faces they know they can out beat this and make things better! Thanks Sammy for sharing this was so touching. We will see u one day soon in Cabo!