Tickets Online

March 12, 2003

Hey Red Heads,

This is it!  I know you have waited a long time for this and here it is. 

The exclusive Red Head experience:

You will now be able to purchase online tickets to MY shows, 

(limit of 2 per customer) you will have on stage accommodations in my 

new enlarged stage.  These tickets will allow you to be on stage with myself & 

the Waborita’s during the show and have Golden Circle tickets for the other acts. 

You will receive an autographed laminate pass/holder for each specific show. 

You’ll be served non-alcoholic beverages (Sammy says hah). 

You’ll pick up your envelope with all the details at Will-Call the day of the show. 

Your envelope will include your tickets, instructions, releases, and all pertinent information 

about that show for $200.00 per ticket.

There will only be 25 seats available per show. 

These tickets will not be available for the Bakersfield since 

that show has a smaller stage.

Please check our website daily for the posting of when you 

can purchase these very special tickets!   SEE YA ON STAGE!