October 20, 2003

Yo!  Wabo Rats, (that’s right) or maybe Red Headed Wabo Rats, ok, ha!

First of all, thanks for my favorite CW  Meltdown/B-Day Bash ever!  I thought the WR’s played some of our best shows ever & all the special guests were so much fun.  They all get it.  Fellow WR’s.

The gifts were outrageous, new lampshade, bong cups, a whole new wardrobe of  shorts and shirts, pictures, pipes, trinkets, a mess of stuff.  No matter how many times I’ve said no gifts no one listens.  I really don’t need any more than you all just coming down.  Thanks for that.  I’ll try to write a song about the event.  The camping for tickets, the line, the party etc.  But you can’t rush a song idea so hopefully it will come soon.  Thanks again see you on that long road to Cabo-

P.S.  I have changed the name of the band to SH & The Wabo Rats, mascot, logo etc, shortly.  Ha!

Love ya all,