St. Louis Show Announcement!

May 23, 2013
St. Louis Show Announcement!

Attention St. Louis Redheads! We're excited to announce Sammy's "Four Decades of Rock" show is coming back to town! Block out May 30 for pre-sale tickets (public onsale is June 1). This special return to St. Louis includes a very special gift of free lawn tickets for locals, with a request to donate what you can to local charities. Regular reserved seat ticket purchases also come with a digital copy of Sammy's new solo album when it becomes available later this year (stay tuned for additional info on that in the coming weeks). 

Sammy has this to say: “St. Louis has always been my musical home away from home. Years ago a stadium full of fans helped me paint the town red and we’ve been doin’ it around the world since. So in honor of my original ‘gateway’ Redheads, every fan can afford a ticket and we’re gonna give back to the community, too.”

Four Decades of Rock
Sammy Hagar
With Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot and Van Halen) and Denny Carmassi and Bill Church (Montrose)
Saturday, August 31st
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis

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 19 Redhead Comments

Stellaosbern's picture

I have been longing to attend a redrock concert and last time I missed it narrowly. I am here to know whether any new tours have been planned or will be held any time soon. I would love to get the details regarding the same.
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steveerik's picture

Yeh I watched this song live with my family. Sammy was doing a great job in entertaining the audience. He is an awesome guy with great talent in music.Medical History Form Template I like to have a speech with him if I got a chance.

Mykl J's picture

Glad to find out Illinois can participate in the "donations for tickets" thing...thank you Sammy!

cathyl021's picture

We can't wait to see you in August!!!!

kindbud's picture

These vip seats are a slap in the face to the regular fan. Live nation says if they dont do it scalper will. Well thats bullshit as a regular fan I want the best seats to see my favorite bands. But live nation thinks were all scalpers so they lock us out of the best seats. This practice has to stop. There are other ways to sell tickets. One of my favorites (except the waiting in line part) is the will call system which the person who buys the tickets has to show the credit card or debt card with a photo I.D. That matches the card that was used to buy the tickets. Once you get the tickets you have to enter the show right then and there with your friends. This is a fair system and keeps the tickets in the hands of REAL FANS not somebody whos trying to make a living off a band.

missrush's picture

Just a few questions....I have heard that there are not ON-Stage Seats for this show in St. Louis - rumored to be omitted because of the high cost of these seats in the past.
So who decided to let Live Nation sell "Offical Premium Seats" for anywhere from $295 to $500? and why the prices kept increasing for the same seats over the course of the pre-sale? and why ALL information about the existence of these "premium Seats" was left out of ALL advertising?
And in the past when 1013 or others sold Sammy's on stage/vip tickets you at least got a t-shirt for the extra cost of the ticket - these $500 tickets got NOTHING other than the seat ticket for the extra expense!!!
SO WTF Sammy.......You say it's Live nations doing, they say the ARTIST and Promoters set these prices.....WHICH IS IT??
$350 for a seat in the 15th row is a raw deal!!!!!!
Unhappily still your fan!'s picture

YEAH!!! Your come home!!!! Can't wait to see you! I'm lovin this. Sammy you need to come to STL at lease once a year!! This show is going to be FABULOUS!!! Can't Wait, Can't Wait, Can't Wait! XXOO

only way to rock's picture

We have been to a lot of your shows just cant remember much about them glad your coming back, ha ha. Do not have many times us adults can get away and let are hair down and party and we save it for Sammy. Can not wait for the show.

kllb99's picture

SOOOOOO happy for a wkend with Redheads rockin!!!!

brendaSTL's picture

Sammy, thanks for honoring your "Gateway" STL REDheads! Owww!!!!

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dougk054's picture

Very cool, Sam... I wish I hadn't lost count!

lovesummers's picture

I saw Sammy the 1st time on June 29, 1980, at a Super Jam at Busch Stadium. Moved to Michigan in 2000. Since then, I saw Van Hagar at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Sammy in Detroit, and won on stage tickets for Sammy in Ohio. This Labor Day Weekend is my birthday weekend, and I will be in St. Louis with all of my Missouri friends, which I miss SO MUCH, rocking (and sweating) with the Red Rocker! What a great birthday weekend!!! You are the greatest, Sammy!

jeremy.haymore's picture

That's amazing sammy! That just shows how much you care about your redheads and giving back. I can't be there in St. Louis but ill see you in S.F . Just grabbed my tickets out of the mail box! Can't wait!

lisak072's picture

Your AWESOME Sammy!!! Can't wait for the show!!

Readhead Cardinals's picture

Woooohooo!! Rock On!! Can't wait for this show! Thanks Sammy for being so dedicated to the fans of STL!!

janeb063's picture

Sammy ur the Best!!!! cant wait til Aug

stl bogus otis's picture

Now its officially a summertime PARTY!!
Sammy's comming back to the LOU!!
Can't wait, it's gonna be a rock & roll weekend August 31st!!
Thanks for all you've done for St Louis Sammy.

dawnm075's picture

Thanks Sammy!! We cannot wait for the STL show!!! Welcome back to your second home!! :-)